where to use Connection monitor?

Connection monitor is used to monitor connectivity between various endpoints within an Azure virtual network. It helps diagnose connectivity issues, measure network latency, track packet loss, and verify connectivity between virtual machines, on-premises networks, Azure services, and internet resources.

where to use IP flow verify?

IP flow verify is used to troubleshoot and validate network traffic flow within a network device, typically a router or a firewall. It helps identify and troubleshoot connectivity issues, verify routing configurations, and ensure proper packet forwarding within the network infrastructure.

where to use
NSG diagnostics?

NSG (Network Security Group) diagnostics are used for troubleshooting network security issues, identifying traffic patterns, monitoring rule effectiveness, detecting anomalies, and optimizing security configurations in Azure virtual networks.

where to use Effective security rules?

Effective security rules are used to control network access, secure cloud environments, protect endpoints, safeguard data, ensure compliance, fortify applications, and manage incident response.

where to use Packet capture?

Packet capture is used for troubleshooting network issues, investigating security incidents, optimizing performance, analyzing protocols, debugging applications, and monitoring traffic.